Dampftemperaturregelung mit SDC
(State Deviation Control)

(ehemals Patent DE 41 40 921 C2)


spezielle PI-Regler

PID-Regler mit begrenzender Aufgabe


Begrenzungsregelung Druck/Durchfluss

praktische Regelungstechnik



• Diplomarbeiten Klaus Moellmann

S7 Regelbausteine


Klaus Moellmann, Abschlussarbeiten 1996

Diploma-Thesis 1:

Regelung des Verdichtens und des Ausspeicherns an Erdgaspipelines.

• Ablöseregelungen bei Durchfluß und Drücken in Verdichterstationen und Erdgasspeichern.

• Abstract "Control of Compression and Decompression at Natural Gas Pipelines"

Control of Compression and Decompression at Natural Gas Pipelines

Override Control for Flow and Pressure in Compressor Stations and Gas Storages

Natural gas has a high acceptance as a fuel with low environmental pollution. Therefore its use has increased in the last years and automatic operation of pipeline nets and stations for different tasks have to be devellopped.

One very frequent task is the control of flow and pressure in an override function. Only one actuator is used to control these values by taking care, that neither value gets higher than a chosen setpoint.That means, only one setpoint can be reached, whereas the other value stays lower than its setpoint.

Some improvements are presented for typical flow control loops and for the switch-over between the two control tasks assuring good dynamical properties for both control loops and the change between them.

The different solutions are compared using system simulations. So the approach to find a suitable mathematical model has been also described.

The simulation and the solutions found are tested at the natural gas storage for the network of GASAG, the company, that supplies Berlin.

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Diploma-Thesis 2:

Regelschaltungen an Dampferzeugern.

• Die Regelung der Dampftemperatur an einem Überhitzer durch Einspritzung von Speisewasser.

• Abstract "Control Solutions for Steam Generators"

Control Solutions for Steam Generators

Steam Temperature Control at a Superheater by Injection of Feedwater

Steam generators are used in a long industrial history and their control is done by standard solutions, that are dealt with in engineering science already numerously. Most of these papers were based however on analog electronic control. Using PLC, as done in most realizations nowadays, can cause some effects not yet described. So the control engineer has to look for the most suitable solution for PLC use in all the variations known. This is done here at the example of a steam temperature control.

Furthermore can control be more sophisticated, because functions can be added easily with PLC use. Nonlinear effects can improve the control properties.

Some PLC allow the use of fuzzy logic. Can this new approach bring about better solutions in this well explored area of superheater control? Some examinations show, that there is improvement over the linear control, but not over PID-control with nonlinear gain. This makes fuzzy solutions for this application unattractive, because fuzzy control involves a lot more effort in configuration and commissioning than classical control with some common sense nonlinear additions.

Real improvement can be achieved with state feedback control with an observer. The paper presents a modification of that approach, suitable for use of nonlinear or fuzzy additions.

The different solutions are compared using system simulations at different simplification levels. So the approach to find a suitable mathematical model has been also described.

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